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Short for whatever it takes. Was founded in the midst of a virus pandemic in Malaysia whereby the Government has announced a Movement Control Order (MCO) restricting citizens from going out unnecessarily. This became worrisome firstly because of the immediate danger of contracting the virus especially the (young and elderly) and secondly the food supply and other necessities while staying home.

With our wits and time, we have first-handedly experienced and identified some of the key challenges that arise for Kuchignites being restricted from leaving their home. For instance, households that have mainly elderly members and are forced to go out to get groceries are risking not only their own lives but the lives of the other members at home. Also to those households that have babies and young children where their immune systems have not fully developed.

Another scenario are those single individuals that are self-quarantined and should not risk going out at all would definitely require assistance.

Whatever It Takes (w.i.tS.)

With all that issue and challenges faced by the elderly and quarantined individuals, the best solution for them to stay home and weather this crisis out is non other than to be able to employ runners (concierges in other words) to do their bidding outside. Normal things that we took for granted is now a possible issue and even life threatening challenge to some.

2020 is definitely an unprecedented time and so we should respond in an unprecedented manner. While we offer runner/delivery service to help our fellow Kuchingnites in need, to combat this spread and not be sacrificed doing the deed; what we must strictly adhere to is our strict Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) More information on that can be found here.

We Promise You

Professional S.O.P.
Time Management
100% delivery rate

We founded this service with the desire to help Kuchingnites in need. There is no way we would not deliver. We will do a 100% refund no questions asked if our runner fails to deliver, which is impossible because we are the runners (Kuchingnites) ourselves. To add on, by going out risking exposure, we ourselves would not want to get infected, thereby our strict S.O.P. for pick up, delivery and money handling must be impeccable.

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