Air Conditioning Repair Service

This service is currently unavailable due to low demand

Hire a trusted professional to inspect and repair your air-conditioner.

Inspecting and repairing airconditioning units are very conditional. Like a doctor, the specialist would like to know the symptom of the problem of the aircond to have a better understanding of what might go wrong. Know the signs below.


Diagnose Fee

RM70 diagnose fee. Not including repairs of any kind.

*This amount will be waived off if repair/parts replacement is done by the same professional *RM10/unit deposit for booking confirmation (refundable)

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How to order

  • Click [latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”any” bg_color=”#8B0000″ caption=”Book Now”]
  • Choose nearest location where the delivery will be
  • Air-Conditioning Services > Air-Conditioning Repair Service > Choose how many aircon units > Choose date and time > Your details > Pay > Confirm booking & wait for runner to contact

Additional Terms of Service

  • RM10/unit deposit fee upon booking confirmation. Deposit fee will be deducted in the final amount.
  • This airconditioning repair service includes diagnose and repairing minor issues. If there are parts replacement, gas refill and cleaning service to be implemented, our specialist will quote you a separate quote for the additional action. A diagnose fee will still be charged even if there is no repair done on site.
  • Deposit is non-refundable if booking is cancelled on the same day or no diagnosis have been carried out when specialist is already on site.
  • Should your aircon require a gas refill or cleaning services, our specialist will advise charges accordingly.

Signs that you need to call a specialist for repair:

Usually when this happens, it is due to a malfunction on the outdoor unit (the compressor). Anything from a spoiled capacitor or cooling gas leakage. Telling this symptom to the specialist and he can prepare beforehand a capacitor replacement or cooling gas before coming over.

This has symptom as to be addressed as soon as possible because bad odors from the aircon may mean a few things.

  1. With our Kuching humidity, things are not easy to get dry. So a constant wet blower may with dust on it may cause mold to grow. Imagine blowing mold spores all over your room and more dangerously, inhaling the spore making you sick
  2. Gas leakage is a serious problem as well and harder to detect. In some cases, the unpleasant odour of poisonous gas may be leaking from the internal unit which is harmful to your health. So as long as your aircon is blowing out different smells, please get it diagnose and fixed as soon as possible.
  3. A strong pungent, burnt smell may be caused by a wire or electronics burnt. If not rectified, may lead to whole aircon unit burnt or unrepairable at the end.

The only sound you can hear from your unit should be the air blowing and beeps when you select a button or turn the aircon on. Other than that, if you hear any scraping, rattling or buzzing noises, please contact contact an aircon specialist to check and troubleshoot for ignoring this may lead to a bigger problem and sleepless nights.

Don’t just turn back on the circuit breaker. This trips mean that the compressor (outdoor unit) is definitely faulty somewhere and would not be able to function.  

This could be due to several factors. Let the specialist diagnose and handle it

When you cannot achieve the desired temperature, there is a problem with the airconditioner’s themostat that controls the temperature. It will not repair itself, please get a specialist to repair.

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