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Air Conditioners have become an essential part of our lives. Especially when you’re in Kuching just right in the line of the equator where you get the nearest blast of the sun accompanied by our flora and fauna; increasing our humidity to around 80% (Imagine how wet are we on dry land!). There are multiple researches stating that the most efficient temperature for an employee or the majority to be fully focus and engaged in whatever they are doing, is to have a temperature of 21-22 degrees Celsius. While our Borneo climate is averagely 27 to 32 degree Celsius much of the year, plus the sticky wet humidity we have, it is not optimal for our concentration and productivity.

That is why the majority of Kuchingnites, especially in the town areas, have atleast 1 air conditioner installed. Most office also have air-conditioners for cooling and productivity. With that said, like any other electronics and machines, air-conditioners need their maintenance service from time to time.

It is advise to maintain air-conditioners every 6 months or less, depending on the frequency of your usage. There a several reason Kuchingnite’s should regularly maintain something so essential in our daily lives.

All airconds come with filters and more modern ones comes with ioniser functions for cleaner air. So what happens when the airconds are not serviced? Dust gets stuck to the filter blocking clean air and to make things worse, dust gets wet from the cool air condensation and congest the waterflow which then makes your aircon blower leak water.

That’s not the worse part, having a constant wet patch of dust stuck on the blower promotes growth of mold and bacteria that gets blown all over the room whenever you turn on your aircond. Some people thought that they sneeze because it’s cold but no! The bacteria or mold is giving your body an allergic reaction. This is very alarming. Regulary clean your air conditioners!

We have all experience it. The aircond blower starts leaking in the middle of the night. Disturbing a goodnight’s sleep with the dripping noise. That’s only part of the problem. In Kuching, most houses especially the second storey, floors are usually parquet flooring or even wooden. Pro-long leak can cause water to leak in the wooden flooring and through to the ceiling at the bottom. Causing damages such as rotten parquet flooring and damp patches on the ceiling and even growing mold in hidden places! It’s an absolute nightmare!

Airconditioners can last for years if maintained properly. There are some airconds that even outlast their brands! Like the National brand, the company is already gone but the aircon after a decade can still work. All these depends on how frequent you maintain and use. Indirectly saving you time and money from electricity bills and major repairs or outright buying new aircon every few years.

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Air-Conditioning Services Kuching, Sarawak

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Air-Conditioning Services Kuching, Sarawak

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