Aircon Gas Refill Service

This service is currently unavailable due to low demand

Hire a trusted professional to refill gas to your air-conditioner.

With the Movement Control Order due to the Covid19 spread, we are spending more time at home and with our Kuching weather, there will be times when it is too hot and we need the cool air. It would be a shame if your airconditioner suddenly breaks down or is not cooling the room at all. Maintain your aircon before that happens!


Gas refill 

Depending on gas type and location. Price starts from RM70 and above. 

*RM10/unit deposit for booking confirmation (refundable)

Additional Terms of Service

  • RM10/unit deposit fee upon booking confirmation. Deposit fee will be deducted in the final amount. 
  • This refill gas package does not include repairs, parts replacements or cleaning services. If any of these situation arise, the specialist will provide a separate quote and you can deal with the specialist directly. An inspection fee will be charged if no refill service is done when the specialist is at the premise/site.
  • Deposit is non-refundable if booking is cancelled on the same day or no service have been carried out when specialist is already on site.
  • Should your aircon require a cleaning service after gas refill, our specialist will advise charge accordingly.

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How to order

  • Click [latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”any” bg_color=”#8B0000″ caption=”Book Now”]​
  • Choose nearest location where the delivery will be
  • Air-Conditioning Services > Aircon Gas Refill Service > Choose how many aircon units > Choose date and time > Your details > Pay deposit > Confirm booking & wait for runner to contact

About the Service

Airconditioners blow cool air back into the room by sucking in the air in the same room into the indoor unit (blower) and passing it through the cooling pipes where the air gets cooled and blown back out. In that exchange, the heat from the room is being transferred from the cooling pipes outside to be dispersed. The agent for all this transfer of cool air and heat is none other than the coolant gas.

Overtime the gas may leak out due to hardware wear and tear or from poor maintenance. This will lead your aircon not working optimally eating up more electric, and worst case scenario, totally blowing warm air in a hot Kuching weather.

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