Another Reason to go Cashless Kuching, Sarawak

Another Reason to go Cashless

6 March 2020. From local Kuching sources, at 7.30am a guy went to MJC RHB Bank to withdraw some cash from the ATM Machine. As soon as he withdrew money, two robbers in helmets and mask, one went up to him and pointed a knife from behind while the other was standing by the door as watchout. They robbed his money but were not satisfied and forced him to withdraw more money (around RM4,000++).

After the deed, they hurried off on a motorcycle. The victim in his confusion and anger, tried to chase them and kick their motorcycle but failed and fell. Both the robbers then mercilously punch him in an act of revenge for his attempt.

Below is the voice recording in hokkien that is more in detail.  

Another Reason to go Cashless Kuching, Sarawak

In this unprecedented times, we have to act with unprecedented actions. Go cashless wherever possible. Use your paywave function, just pay everything online while u shop for groceries or order groceries online. 

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