Cancel Booking

In order for you to check on your on going appointment to cancel or modify, you would need to access your dashboard. 

To be able to access your dashboard, you would firstly need to create a password after you’re done with your order. If you skipped that part, you would need to click Forgot Password using the email you hired the service and reset the password.

Refer to picture on the right. 

Cancel Booking Kuching, Sarawak
Cancel Booking Kuching, Sarawak
For those who did not set password

If you’ve set your password, you would be able to sign in from first picture. Skip to picture below for Dashboard details.

To those that did not setup a password or have forgotten their password, enter the EMAIL you used to hire the service and they it will show you the screen on the left. Check your email and copy paste the secret key and make a new password.


Once you successfully sign up, you will see your dashboard like the picture on your right. 

There will be 4 tabs for you to play around.

My appointments: See all the appointments you’ve hired. You can cancel them here.

My Information: Update your contact and address here

New Appointment: Make a new hire


Cancel Booking Kuching, Sarawak

Message tab: Here you can chat with our agents that are in charge of your hired service. 

Cancel Booking Kuching, Sarawak

In conclusion, if this is too tedious or technical for you, feel free to directly call us or whatsapp us and we can help you reset your password or cancel your booking for you directly.

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