Cashless King Kuching, Sarawak

Cashless King

Online/app payments have been growing in recent years but there are still in an infant stage. The growth rate especially in Kuching is a curved one. Plenty of reasons why the adoption of eWallets and other online payment service are not as trendy but we are not here to state the obvious.

We are here to finally realize the ultimate usage for paying online especially in this virus pandemic.

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Firstly the convenience of online orders. Imagine how inconcenient would it be if you ordered something online, and the runner had to come over and collect cash from you first before going for your order. The time wasted will affect all sides.

Secondly, in this no-physical-contact times, distance-everything-on-sight times, cutting off another physical contact by not giving or receiving physical cash is one way to avoid unecessary risk and trouble from this Covid19 crisis.

With all the convenience of online payment, using eWallet or just your debit/credit card actually brings more cashbacks/discount benefits than using physical cash. On top of being more secure from physical cash being robbed/stolen.

Unprecedented times comes unprecedented actions, embrace the future, pay online, use eWallets, use your paywave cards!

Another reason to go cashless and a man gets robbed trying to withdraw money. Read more….

Note: Runners doing runs usually require a deposit first policy for two main reasons.

  1. Weekly groceries can reach up to few hundred Ringgit per order. It is not fair for a runner to be spending his own cash first and risking not being paid later.
  2. Deposit act as an isurance for both parties to confirm the service is legitimate where runners can present a receipt to authorities during a road block.

Learn how-to book online here

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