Errand Runner Service List [UNAVAILABLE]

Errand runners are people you can delegate your time-consuming yet, simple task to in order for you to focus on the more important things in your daily life.

With just a few errands removed from your daily to-do list, it may exponentially save you precious time and maybe even frustration.

Below are a few things you can hire our runner to do besides just “tapao” or grocery shopping.

  • Getting their groceries regularly
  • Buying their medications
  • Bill payments
  • Mail sorting and organizing
  • Writing letters and mailing them
  • Arranging appointments
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Pet care
  • Reading assistance
  • Providing company for walks and visits to friends
  • Sending and receiving packages and mail *only for legitimate, established companies with permit document
  • Delivering meals and snacks
  • Office supplies shopping
  • Venue preparation
  • Have letters/ postcards/ brochures/ etc. prepared and sent in bulk
  • Schedule for regular mail pickup *only for legitimate, established companies with permit document
  • Party or event preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Dry-cleaning pickup and drop-off
  • Laundry
  • Mail delivery or pickup
  • Pet sitting or trips to the veterinarian
  • Basic house maintenance & de-cluttering
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Meal purchase and deliveries
  • Moving services: packing or unpacking
  • Pickup and delivery of vehicle for car wash or repairs

Sometimes you have an appointment to wait for UNIFI or Maxis fiber to come on a working day and hour but you cannot be there to wait for them to arrive and wait longer for them to do the job. You can hire someone to sit-in the house for you.

Another situation is that, you want your air conditioners fixed and maintained before you get back home from work. You can hire a runner to collect your house keys from work, then wait for the handyman to arrive, make sure they’ve done their job, lock up and pass you back the key.

  • Tickets for shows, concerts, etc
  • Purchasing in-demand or first-time release products like cell phones, shoes, etc
  • High-craze food like Boba Tea and crazy food deals.


Fee typeStarting PriceService details
Flexible hourlyStarting RM15/hourA minimum of RM15 for first hour
 Additional RM7.50/half hourFor subsequent half hour or below
DepositMinimum RM15 per runDeposit highly depends on item. Purpose of deposit is so the runner can purchase/pay without using own money
Errands we have the right to reject even after accepting deposit
Running parcels from an individual to another location (in fear of illegal items)
Sending boxes from shabby unregistered companies (in fear of drugs)
Picking up food from unknown individual to deliver (drug hidden in food. Read here)

Read more about our worries and protection here

How to order

  • Click [latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”any” bg_color=”#8B0000″ caption=”Book Now”]
  • Choose nearest location where the delivery will be
  • MCO Services: Stay at home > Runner> Choose date and time > Your details > Pay > Confirm booking & wait for runner to contact

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