How To Do Booking Online

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak
Our objective of this website is to help out Kuchingnites to book/order/hire fast and easily. With that in mind, we’ve practiced the Keep It Simple, Silly (K.I.S.S) in our booking process. Bookings are just a few clicks away. If that is still not simple enough, you can Whatsapp or directly call by pressing the number shown everywhere on our site.

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Book Now buttons can be seen in every page of the site and also a dedicated page on booking can be found click here.

Refer to the picture below. 

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

If the location you desire is not listed, just pick the nearest location to yours.

The location you select is where you want the service to be delivered.Whether if it’s your home, your office or other premises. This location is to help us arrange the closes agent to the service.

We did our best segmenting Kuching up into several areas. If you have any suggestions, do drop as a call or Whatsapp.

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

Once you’ve selected where the service will be delivered, choose the service out of a few categories we’ve arranged for convenience.

As an example below, After choosing what category the service is in, it will lead you to a more detailed service we can do for that particular category. The price stated is the minimal price per run charged by the runner.  For example, to get a runner to “take away” for you, it is RM5 per person. But you will need to pay upfront of RM10 as seen at the Total Price circled. This payment upfront serves as a deposit and will be use by the runner to take away for one person.

Extra info: Some service can be increased in pax, choose how many people is the service for and the price will be calculated accordingly.

Once the service is completed, please pay the runner fee if the deposit is not enough to cover the fee. Eg. If there is balance from the RM10 (example total) after deducting RM5 (example fee) for runner fee, the runner will return the change. Read more on runner fees here.

If you need more information on Step 3, please feel free to contact us, our number is 011 1988 6887 or chat with us on Whatsapp.

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

Some services will come with extra service. Eg. If you pick house cleaning, you can choose whether it is a one-time service or repeated service

Another example is takeaway from hawker stalls, to make things easy, we listed some frequent places to takeaway, however, if the place you want to takeaway is not there, please choose the last option “Some other hawker within 10KM of your area”. Please understand the 10KM is pretty far and we have to abide to the MCO regulations

Reminder: Do help us out by stating in the note:

  1. Food court name
  2. Stall name
  3. Dish to take away (big or small)

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

After choosing your service, the next natural part would be to set the date and time. Reasonably, you can only book a service on the next day. If the service is urgently needed on the same day, please feel free to contact or Whatsapp us to arrange directly.

Refer to the image below for the steps

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

We’re almost done! Fill up your particulars, phone number is very important, if not it will be a challenge contacting you for more details. 

Next crucial part is to fill in the notes, especially for those taking away from hawker stalls. Please indicate Which food court, stall followed by food to take away.

Next is the address to deliver the service to. 

You can sign in to your facebook or Google account for convenience filling up the name part. 

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

Because of this Covid pandemic, we are opting for cashless payment as initial payment to reduce physical contact. Also, it is a convenient to the runner as they do not have to collect money from you first or use their own cash to do the service. Read more about cashless king here

So currently, payment can be received via debit or credit card and paypal account. 

Extra tips: Enter promo code for discount when available.

Refer to picture below and follow the form to fill in your card details. 

We practice a strict privacy policy and will not share your details and also secure website for your payment. Read more here. 

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

Final step! Verify your order, especially your contact number and confirm the order. 

There will be a receipt of the order as record that you can print. 

Also a QR code for you to add the booking appointment into your google calendar. 

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

Booking is done but it doesn’t end there. That is actually where we start moving. 

If you would like to check on your appointments, modify/cancel info/dates, or even chat with the agent, you can do it in your account. 

To know more on what you can do with an account, click here.

How To Book Kuching, Sarawak

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