Local Hawker Stalls S.O.S. Kuching, Sarawak

Local Hawker Stalls S.O.S.

Our hearts go out to not only those self-quarantined at home but also to those hawker stalls that need to operate daily to earn a living.

Do you know? Due to this Movement Control Order (MCO) a lot of our local hawker stalls that need to operate are seeing little to no income daily. Yes, you might say, they should stay at home but some do not have the savings to do that.

You might also say, they can claim BPN from government, but you can ask your local hawker sellers, most of them do not even have income tax account (due to their own personal reasons like illeteracy or having trouble announcing their income). Even if they did manage to get that one time RM1,600.00 from government, with 0 income, how long do you think that RM1,600.00 can last? They still have other expenses to pay while coffeeshop owners have workers to pay.

Too add more salt to the wound, services like grabfood and foodpanda service retail chains, big restaurants and where is our Mak Cik Kiah? Where is our pisang goreng, char kueh tiaw, road side sugarcane sellers? How could they or should they get food delivery services that end up having a RM5 or more delivery fee imposed to them by food delivery apps. It makes no sense for them to sell one sugar cane at RM1.50 and bear the delivery cost of RM5!

Let’s not dwelve too deep into their finances but let us understand one thing, due to MCO hawker stalls all over are affected, sales drop to zero for some that are force to close. How can we help you ask? By using us runners! We will not impose any extra fee to the hawkers or sellers we buy to. Instead, the runner fees will be clearly shown in the order. Be it RM5 or RM10, is bourned by customers. So order more than just one item for your money’s worth and also to help our hawker sellers in this crisis. We will get through this together but we must work together

Unprecedented times comes unprecedented actions. Whatever It Takes, Kuchingnites!

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