Mechanic Kuching

This service is currently unavailable due to low demand

Hire a mechanic to come over and diagnose or fix your vehicle. On the road or at home.

There are times our vehicle just stop working in the middle of the road. There is no time to even reach a mechanic workshop. This is where our on-call mechanic comes in.

Can’t start your car after stuck in MCO for too long? Or out during the day and the car breaks down in the middle of the road. Call or Whatsapp us to make an appointment. You can book for an engine oil service as well.

For Emergencies, please call us directly to arrange.


ServiceRM15 Deposit for booking confirmation (refundable)
Other oil checkup and serviceEg. Break oil, gear oil. List down car model and brand in comment section
Change Motor OilIn-house drain and add new oil service. List down car model and brand in comment section
Vehicle electronicsFront, rear or break lights, wiper not working can be dangerous and against the law. Repair it while your car is at home. List down car model and brand in the comment section
Need checkup service. Unsure problemCar won’t start. Unsure what is the problem. List down car model and brand in the comment section
Change Battery/Jump startList down car model in the notes section so we can prepare the right battery size in the events the battery cannot be jump started back
Car aircon problemsnot cold, not working. List down car model and brand followed by the symptom in comment section

Additional Terms of Service

  1. A deposit fee needs to be paid upon booking confirmation. Deposit fee will be deducted in the final amount. 
  2. A diagnose fee will be charged even if there are NO repair/service done when the specialist is at the premise/site/location.
  3. Should your vehicle need any other service or parts replacement, our specialist will advise charge accordingly.
  4. Deposit is non-refundable if booking is cancelled on the same day or no service have been carried out when specialist is already on site.

How to order

  • Click Book Now
  • Choose nearest location where the delivery will be
  • Car/Bike Mechanic Services > Choose appropriate service option > Choose date and time > Your details > Pay deposit > Confirm booking & wait for runner to contact

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