Online Grocery Delivery in Kuching Kuching, Sarawak

Online Grocery Delivery in Kuching

This compilation credit goes to Bertha. Thank you for such a detailed list. To those who are tech savvy, you can try all the online services from the supermarkets below. However, please remember the wet market and hawker sellers who are not online or tech savvy. They require much more support than big retail chains. Book with them through a runner here. Call us to hire a runner and get fresh produce from the market.

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  1. H&L Express app (RM60 entitled free delivery)
  2. Everrise app (RM99 entitled free delivery)
  3. Timogah (Kuching online Grocery for local produces. Such as ikan bilis, fresh prawns, bananas, canned food, local lemons, lime, chicken and eggs )
  4. The Gourmand (Kuching online Groceries mainly, fresh veges, fresh fruits, eggs, beef and sausages) (Free delivery for RM150 AND above)
  5. Agrijoy Farm – (Farm produce. Sweet corn, banana, vege, brinjal and more fresh produce) – RM40 entitled free delivery
  6. Degrocery Online Groceries (with delivery service)
  7. My Grocer Fresh – Farm Supply (Milk and Pork) Delivery fee: RM5 Kuching Area Delivery | RM20 for Samarahan Area Delivery
  8. Choice via Grab Mart (inside Grab app) Use MART2U to enjoy 5x free deliveries. *Min spend RM35
  9. Fresh choice meat shop via their Facebook Page (RM100 entitled free delivery)
  10. GE Sausages via Facebook Page or call 0198185990 or WhatsApp (RM50 and above free delivery. Delivery time : 11am to 4pm *town area only*)
  11. CS supermarket via app (Free delivery within 5km radius)
  12. Morefunapp (Sin Nam Fatt)
  13. Farley WhatsApp Shopping and delivery
  14. Shang Agro Enterprise via Facebook page | Call Only | Whatsapp only (for stock confirmation, order & delivery)
  15. Sara-Bif (Free delivery within Kuching area. Minimum 2kg and above) Call
  16. Online fruit Seller

Too much info? Cut all the steps and just give us a call. We will run everything according to your request.

Besides supermarkets, lets not forget our local wet markets and hawker stalls. There are people in need of more help. They do not have online exposure or presence at all. We are here to bridge that gap.

Hire a runner to do the groceries offline.

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