Runner Service

Hire a runner to run simple errands to free up your time for more important matters

With the Movement Control Order due to the Covid19 spread, it is even more relevant than ever to hire runners for simple task. Do not risk yourself and those around you for simple task. Get a runner with strict S.O.P. to do the deed for you.


Fee typeStarting PriceService details
Flexible hourlyStarting RM15/hourA minimum of RM15 for first hour
 Additional RM7.50/half hourFor subsequent half hour or below
DepositMinimum RM15 per runDeposit highly depends on item. Purpose of deposit is so the runner can purchase/pay without using own money
Examples of Errands. See full list here.
Renew permits/license/insurance
Buy medicine from pharmacy
Buy items (electronics, groceries)
Act as personal assistant
Errands we have the right to reject even after accepting deposit
Running parcels from an individual to another location (in fear of illegal items)
Sending boxes from shabby unregistered companies (in fear of drugs)
Picking up food from unknown individual to deliver (drug hidden in food. Read here)

Read more about our worries and protection here

How to order

  • Click [latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”any” bg_color=”#8B0000″ caption=”Book Now”]
  • Choose nearest location where the delivery will be
  • MCO Services: Stay at home > Runner> Choose date and time > Your details > Pay > Confirm booking & wait for runner to contact

About The Service

Currently there is no denying that our modern society is filled with too many task, task from office, chores to do at home, renewing licenses, permits, buying groceries, buying a pendrive, buying printer ink, restocking pet food and so much more. As much as the individual can imagine. All these minuscule and simple tasks is in fact easy to accomplish but when done 1 by 1 but adds up to staggering hours. Most would put this all off and do it one shot on a weekend, wasting away the whole day running around instead of relaxing.

The most effective way is to prioritize doing what matters most (spending time with kids, relaxing) those things that only YOU can do, while the task that can be done by any other individual should be outsourced or delegated to another person. “Like a boss” mindset. If the boss have to do everything himself, he would be losing out on his business. What a business owner does is delegate the task that his staff can do while he focus on the most important aspect of the business (eg. securing contract, making new connections, setting business objectives).

So be a leader, delegate the simple errands to runners.

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