Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) Kuching, Sarawak

Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.)

While helping Kuchingnites, we must at every moment make sure that our procedures are impeccable. The safety and health of our runners must be absolute or it will cause a domino effect to even our locals receiving the service and the service providers we middle men with.

So our runners hold absolute priority to not only their own health and safety but the weight on their shoulders for their love ones and those they come in contact with.

Below is the checklist every runner MUST adhere to at all times not only during service but also as long as they are out of their homes.

Runner SOP

☑ Mask are supposed to be worn at all times, specifically while driving/riding, shopping, delivering goods to customers

☑ Distancing from one another especially on duty (eg. While waiting for “takeaway” food)

☑ Sanitizing hands and washing hands whenever possible. On a run, runners are advised to wear a fresh pair of disposable gloves to handle items received and when delivering to customer.

☑ In the events physical cash have to be used (eg. Paying hawker stalls, receiving balanced from customers), cash MUST be stored in a plastic bag separated from personal wallet. Cash paid and balanced received should be handled using disposable gloves and stored into a new seperated plastic bag.

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Customer SOP

☑ Advisable for customers to pay/deposit online whenever possible not only for convenience to runners but also to avoid the need to pass physical cash or receive physical balance. In the events there is a balance to receive, please make sure runner pass physical balance in a plastic bag and leave the balance at an isolated place for 24 hours. After receiving anything from runner, please sanitize/wash your hands thoroughly.

☑ Report to us where if any runner is not following the Runner S.O.P. to us here via whatsapp.

Note: Runners doing runs usually require a deposit first policy for two main reasons.

  1. Weekly groceries can reach up to few hundred Ringgit per order. It is not fair for a runner to be spending his own cash first and risking not being paid later.
  2. Deposit act as an isurance for both parties to confirm the service is legitimate where runners can present a receipt to authorities during a road block.

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