Transportation For Employees (Essential Service Only)

Providing schedule pick and drop for essential workers eg. Nurses/doctors

At the moment in this MCO period, we are focusing this service on providing transport for employees working in the essential services sector especially in the frontliners of this pandemic. The best example would be those working in Sarawak General Hospital where carpark slots are hard to find and often very far off from the hospital. On top of that, there is no guaranty you can find a parking slot and there is a fee to pay for private parking. To make things worse, paying to park far with no guaranty of a parking slot, they are in the mercy of the weather. Rain or shine, they have to walk to the hospital from far away.

You may then ask yourself, why not use eHailing services? Sure, they can but to do it everyday? To manually book a transport everyday, the price is not the most flexible or cheap. Going with an appointed pick and drop scheduled service is more efficient and fee is negotiable, since it is a monthly term or longer.

Transportation Service can also be more efficient when it is in a group (currently not available in MCO period). Pick up and dropping of a group of nurse to a clinic will be cost saving and freeing up car slots for public. With all that said, strict S.O.P. has to be adhered by both parties, the service provider and the transportee.

PKP Protocol for Kuching transport service

Employer must write an official letter attention to whom it may concern certifying transportee is a staff of the company.

Staff (transportee) must then write an official letter attention to whom it may concern to verify that the transporter is the driver to pick up and drop the staff to work

*Driver (transporter) will need to keep both the employer and employee letter in the transportation vehicle at all times in case of a police roadblock as proof. 


Fee typeStarting PriceService details
FlexibleStarting RM20 [per round trip]Pick from home, drop to work. Pick from work, drop back home
 Additional cost
  • Depending on distance between home and work.
  • Depending on send and pick up time
  • Depending on Service frequency (5 times a week? 6 times a week?)
DepositMinimum 50% of totalExample: To send nurse to hospital 6 times a week for a month.
Monthly fee at RM700. Deposit RM350 upfront at start of service.
At the end of the month, another RM350

How to order

  • Click [latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”any” bg_color=”#8B0000″ caption=”Book Now”]
  • Choose nearest location where you should be picked up
  • MCO Services: Stay at home > Transportation For Employees (Essential Services Workers Only) > Choose first date and time you want the pick up > Your details (Drop where) > Pay > Confirm booking & wait for transporter to contact

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